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Bilihome's wearable phototherapy solution enables natural newborn care
Our aim
Bilihome's solution is designed to support both the parents and the child as much as possible with their natural newborn care. For example, the wearable device can be worn by the baby during breastfeeding, having skin-to-skin contact and even when the baby is carried around. The newborn stays close to the parents, while they can practice their new routine and discover the baby's own cues. Uninterrupted bonding is not a problem anymore with a new way of wearable phototherapy. 
On this page you can find out more. 
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Bilihome's LED honeycomb wearable
A smartly designed optical LED system provides therapeutical blue light with a high level of irradiance and  homogeneity. The anatomical shape allows a large coverage of the skin area in front and on the back of the baby. The lightweight structure follows the contour of the baby and protects the cord. Honeycomb-like openings enhance air circulation and support the cleanability. The LED wearable  is perfectly fitted for a comfortable smart garment. It is powered by an external battery unit which is safely attached with a magnetic connection.
Bilihome's collection of garments
Purposely designed garments avoid light leakage, allow breathability and  fine-tune the light distribution. They integrate the wearable LED honeycomb perfectly and enable double sided therapy or skin-to-skin care. The open vest design can easily be applied during continuous kangaroo care (KMC) with preterm or low birth weight babies. The garments are comfortable to wear and provide flexibility to optimize the surface area for blue light therapy. While the garments have many features, the solution with the inserted wearables appears ordinary, much like baby's jumpers or vests. 
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Bilihome's textiles
To achieve natural newborn care while providing high performance phototherapy, Bilihome's solutions benefit of layered, opaque, breathable and baby-skin friendly fabrics. The carefully selected textiles create specially designed garments in synchrony with the baby's comfort and the functionality of the honeycomb design.
Achievable benefits
Bilihome's wearable phototherapy  for natural newborn care will enhance zero separation, increase the chance of exclusive breastfeeding and strengthen the parent's confidence in there new role. In addition, Preterm babies benefit from a combined medical intervention of continuous kangaroo mother care and phototherapy at the same time.

Healthcare professionals
The new way to apply phototherapy helps nurses to transition the task of routine baby care to the parents from the start. They become coaches for the parents. this improves the work quality and satisfaction.

The confidence to carry the newborn, may spark the wish to reunite with the family earlier and to use the Bilihome solution at home. This brings the opportunity to the hospital to optimize the bed occupancy.
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The potential impact
Avoidance of 1.6M hospital days
€3.7B formula costs     and

thousands of preterm fatalities




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