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We aim for impact, engage to make Bilihome happening!

For parents with a newborn
Interested in testing with your newborn or sharing your insights with jaundice treatment? Please contact us. 

For Neonatal Expert
Improving family centered care, being the parent's coach or optimizing beds occupancy  can be an opportunity in the maternity or special  care nursery . Your expertise can help us to make our right solution fit. Connect with us!

For Investors
Millions of patients open up an international market. How do we get there and which role can you play? Contact us.

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Thanks for submitting!

Acknowledgement to all the loyal supporters boosting our efforts to the next level of novelty

Bilihome's devoted core team

Acknowledgement to all the loyal supporters boosting our efforts to the next level of novelty

20231128 Rik__edited.jpg

Rick Wielens
Inventor and Co-founder

Rick had a brush with jaundice through his baby's experience

20231120 Ronald_edited.jpg

Ronald van Doorn
Q&R Manager

Guiding the team through Quality and Regulatory Affairs naturally and experienced 

20231120 Minne.png

Minne Zeijdner
UX&Carepath Designer

Carefully integrates the technology into the newborn and parent’s new situation


20231120 Marina_edited.jpg

Marina Toeters
Creative Director

Designs and operates on the cutting edge of Fashion Technology & smart textiles

20231120 Margret.png

Margret Huenerbein
CEO and Co-founder

Passionate about mother and child care since a decade

20231120 Ellen.png

Ellen Klein
Bussines Operations Manager


20231128 Wanda_edited.jpg

Wanda Meijst
l Trial Director

Navigates calm and with details all stakeholders through the trial process  

20240108 Lars_edited.jpg

Lars Ottevanger
CFO & Capital Advisor

Lars looks after the financial health of Bilihome

20231120 Annika_edited.jpg

Annika Maas 
Communications, Logistics and Garment Designer.
With a great eye for details and quality.


Listening to: Parents and their babies

First models and testers of the Bilihome 

Home 3 Solution.jpg

Ted and mum

Engage Contributors Mia and Dadkopie.jpg

Pim and mum

Mia and dad

Friends and parents, who shared their journey of newborn jaundice with us

lola and mum.jpg

Lola and mum

gabriel and parents (1).jpg
manu and family.jpg

Manu and family

Gabriel and parents

Recognition for parents and their children

Awareness days

08 March:                
15 MAY:                    
01 JUNE:                   
01 AUGUST:             
17 SEPTEMBER:     
17 NOVEMBER:         

March International Women’s Day
International Kangaroo Mother Care Awareness Day
Global Day of Parents
World Breastfeeding Awareness Week
World Patient Safety Day
World Prematurity Day
World Children’s Day (UN)
Human Rights Day

About the company / Disclaimer

Bilihome is a maternal and infant health company with a vision to turn suboptimal clinical care into uncompromised natural care at home. We aim for patient and patient-driven innovation around the management of newborn jaundice. Bilihome B.V. is conceptualizing and developing medical devices for this purpose. Constantly, we are working on the stepwise validation of hypothesis. Therefore, we can not be hold liable for hypothesis, which not yet have been translated in a commercialized product.

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